create a design interior with infinite possibilities with our window on the world terrarium featuring a feng shui center symbolizing infinity. available in two sizes nestling a lush air plant, this chic interior design piece will add an eco-friendly flair to your decor. our living terrariums are unique landscapes so finished pieces may vary. large
  • dimensions: 8” width x 15.5” height x 2” depth
  • weight (approx): 1.1 lbs
  • dimensions: 8” width x 12” height x 2” depth
  • weight (approx): 1.1 lbs
suggestion for care:
  • no direct sunlight required.
  • mist once per week ~ remove air plant first, mist and allow to dry before replacing in terrarium.
  • upon receipt ~ soak air plant in bowl of water for 30 minutes, allow to dry then replace plant in terrarium.

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